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Approved Indications

Diagnostic Green’s Indocyanine green (ICG) is the leading
fluorescence agent trusted by clinicians worldwide, to visualise
fluorescence and guide their procedures.

Diagnostic Green’s ICG is the leading fluorescence diagnostic agent trusted by clinicians (or surgeons) worldwide, to guide their treatment procedures based on fluorescence imaging.

3D image of a human body with highlighted vein using the ICG dye injection
Cerebral Diagnostics
Ophthalmic angiography diagnostics
  • Measurement of perfusion of the choroid
Cardiac, circulatory and micro-circulatory diagnostics
  • Measurement of cardiac output and stroke volume
  • Measurement of circulating blood volumes
  • Measurement of cerebral perfusion
Liver function diagnostics
  • Measurement of excretory function of the liver
Diagnostic Green graphic wave concepts

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