Diagnostic Green’s ICG Pharamceutical Product and IC Flow Imaging System was demonstrated thanks to VISTAMERICA S de RL at this years event hosted by Hospital Ángeles Pedregal & SMIAP, Mexico.

The session took place on 24th April at 9:00am and the focus this year was on “FLUORESCEIN GUIDED SURGERY ILLUMINATING THE WAY TO A SAFER SURGERY”

Speakers included:
Dr. Ariel de Jesús Martínez Oñate, FACS
Hospital Ángeles Pedregal
FGS en Laparoscopía y en Cirugía Endócrina de Cuello

Dr. Eric Santamaría Linares
Hosp. Manuel Gea González y HAP
FGS en Cirugía Plástica y Reconstructiva

Dr. Christian I. Villeda S.
Coordinador de Cirugía Robótica y
Tumores Genitourinarios del Centro Médico Naval
FGS en Urología

Dr. Salvador Manrique
Neurocirujano, Hospital ABC
FGS en Neurocirugía