12 September, 2022; Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Universidad de Buenos Aires (UB) Faculty of Medicine, together with the Hospital de Clinicas “Jose de San Martin” are pleased to announce the launch of a new International Training Center for surgeons in Argentina, dedicated to Fluorescence Guided Surgery.

This state-of-the-art center, headed by Prof Dr Luis Sarotto and Fluorescence Guided Surgery expert, Dr Fernando Dip, will be the first of its kind in South America. The purpose of this canter is to train surgeons across multiple specialties on the application of Fluorescence Guided Surgery (FGS).

“We are very pleased to launch this first-of-its-kind Center in South America”, said program coordinator, Dr Fernando Dip. “By establishing this center at the Hospital de Clínicas we will establish the hospital as a center of excellence for FGS Internationally, which may ultimately lead to improved patient experience, reduced complications, and the adoption of better techniques for a broad range of surgical procedures ”, he concluded.

Positioning the Hospital de Clinicas as a place of cutting-edge technology, the center will train surgeons on FGS in specialties such as Gastroenterological, Oncological, Thoracic, Vascular, Plastic Surgery, Gynecological, and Urological Surgeries. The center will create national and international rotations to teach the use of fluorescence technologies for surgeries. It will also result in continued research on FGS and identify new surgical approaches and techniques in FGS.

The Center will open for residents this fall.

For more information contact Dr Luis Sarotto and Dr Fernando Dip on fernandodip@gmail.com and lsarotto@intramed.net

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