Laser-assisted angiography with indocyanine green (LAIG) allows objective intraoperative evaluation of tissue vascularity. This study endeavored to describe multi-centre experience with this technique in the head and neck region. A retrospective review from February 2016 till October 2018 was conducted. They included patients who underwent head and neck procedures in which LAIG was employed. The main outcome was postoperative wound complications. The study analysed the influence of LAIG results in intraoperative decision-making process.

Results: Nineteen patients were included, and follow-up was for at least 6 months. LAIG was employed in 11 local flaps, 9 free flaps and 6 cases of pharyngeal closure during total laryngectomies. Wound complications occurred in two cases with distal tip flap necrosis. LAIG findings resulted in changes in decision making intraoperatively in 84% of procedures, which consisted in trimming poorly perfused tissues. There were no pharyngocutaneous fistulas.

Conclusions: This represents a descriptive report on the use of LAIG on diverse head and neck reconstruction cases, with important impact on the decision-making process. A low number of postoperative wound complications were observed.

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