To assess the longitudinal changes of the posterior vortex veins (VVs) in highly myopic (HM) eyes. The medical records of 1730 consecutive HM eyes that had undergone indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) were studied. Eyes that had posterior VVs and had undergone at least two ICGA examinations with a minimum interval of three years were selected from this group.

Results: Ninety-one eyes of 78 patients met the inclusion criteria. A total of 124 posterior VVs were identified. Over an average interval of 7.8 ± 5.0 years, 41 (33.1%) of the 124 posterior VVs had marked changes consisting mainly of an attenuation of vessels in 36 posterior VVs (87.8%) and alterations in the drainage course in 16 PVVs (39.0%). Fifteen posterior VVs had both types of changes. Most of the attenuations of the vessels occurred for smaller branches, but a complete loss of the entire trunk was seen in 3 eyes. Additionally, 4 eyes had posterior VV changes in association with changes of peripheral VVs.

Conclusions: Posterior VV in highly myopic eyes can undergo changes with increasing time. The associated factors included the development and progression of myopic maculopathy lesions. In some cases, the blood drainage shifted from posterior VV to peripheral VV by forming anastomotic channels.

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