The case is a 78-year-old female. A giant liver cyst was pointed out by abdominal echo from 7 years ago, but because the size of the cyst tended to increase, it was decided to operate taking into account the risk of the cyst rupturing. Laparoscopic surgery was started, and the cyst contents did not fluoresce when observed by the indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescence method. Laparoscopic liver cyst fenestration was performed using the ICG fluorescence method, paying attention to the damage to the bile duct excluded by the cyst. The opened cyst was filled with the greater omentum.

In this report, we describe that the ICG fluorescence method can evaluate the presence or absence of bile leakage from the hepatic dissection and the running of the bile duct on the inner wall of the cyst, and is considered to contribute to safer laparoscopic liver cyst fenestration.

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