• The context of Covid-19 is different than before– We also have experience with necessary changes to hospital operations such as screening patients and separating infected from non-infected patients. And, of course, we now have vaccines that reduce the risk of severe Covid-19 cases and a better understanding of how to treat those that do require hospitalization.
  • There are negative effects of postponing elective cases – Postponing elective cases can cause serious detriment to patient health and wellbeing. Numerous studies have recorded excess mortalities across 2020 that are likely due to these disruptions in care for those with non-Covid-19 health needs. Additionally, hospitals now understand the degree to which elective surgeries support their bottom line and ability to sustainably operate.
  • Hospitals can (and should) be more selective about which cases to postpone – many hospitals and health systems are now reviewing elective on a case-by-case basis to determine what can be safely postponed.


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