Farmington Hills, MI, USA, 4th March 2019, DIAGNOSTIC GREEN LLC (Diagnostic Green), the leading provider of trusted high quality fluorescence agents, has announced that VISTAMERICA S de RL (Vistamerica) has won exclusive distribution rights for Indocyanine Green (ICG), for the territory of Mexico.

“We are delighted to engage with such a dedicated and enthusiastic company that will ensure ICG will be available to physicians throughout Mexico”, stated Ron Clarke, VP Business Development at Diagnostic Green. 

Founded in 2009 by Ophthalmologist, Dr Scott Markham, and Catalina Markham,  Vistamerica is a young company that prides itself in understanding the needs of both patients and doctors seeking to offer excellent service and quality in their products.  It specializes in distributing high quality ophthalmic medical products and devices.

ICG is well known and accepted by physicians worldwide with over 11,000 published on use and applications (pubmed*).  Indicated for use in determining cardiac output, hepatic function and liver blood flow and for ophthalmic angiography, ICG is well tolerated, with an excellent safety profile.  It is routinely used by physicians as a fluorescence perfusion diagnostic.  For full prescribing details, contact Vistamerica. 

For further information contact:

Diagnostic Green, LLC 38955 Hills Tech Drive Farmington Hills MI 48331 United States, 1-844-ICG-VIAL (424-8425),

Vistamerica S de RL , Sinaloa Avenue No. 183-3, South Center, 83550, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico.  Office: + 52-638-38-88668,


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