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Unique Features

IC-Flow™ Imaging System is a compact and easy to use
handheld device that visualizes and records
tissue fluorescence.

Point of Care System

  • Compact and easily portable
  • Easy to use
  • Data transfer to USB stick
  • Fluorescence image on integrated display
  • No additional equipment required

Operating Room System

  • Portable cart system
  • Integrated system with monitor
  • External USB for official recording of patient data
  • Display of fluorescence image on both touchscreen and monitor

Unique Benefits

Backed by Diagnostic Green, the global supplier of ICG and 30 years’ experience
in perfusion imaging, the IC-Flow™ Imaging System, is a small, yet powerful imaging device
for you and your surgical team.

icon of a stopwatch

Fast boot-up time

icon of a circle with a tick

Simple and easy to use with
minimal training required

icon of a row of arrows point in four directions

Flexible configurations to
meet speciality needs

icon of a cog wheel

Full OR System

icon of a heart with a heartbeat going through it

Portable Point of
Care System

Icon of a small LED bulb

Safe use with the benefit
of LED rather than laser
light source

icon of two arrows rotating

Minimal maintenance

icon of a screwdriver and a spanner

Minimal service


Diagnostic Green graphic wave concepts

Better Outcomes, Reduced Costs

Breast Reconstruction Surgery1

(Clinical assessment 26.5% vs laser-assisted ICG aniography 5%)

graphic of a green wheel with text in the centre

Mastectomy Skin Flap Necrosis2

(Clinical assessment 6.7% [n=254] vs laser-assisted ICG aniography 0.9% [n=13]; p=0.02

blue circular wheel with key text

Published literature has well established the significant costs associated with surgical complications including those related to post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and mastectomy flap and free flap survival1,2,3. In a USA study, the average excess cost associated with a single case of flap necrosis was calculated to be almost $100K per patient3. Many studies have shown that the use of ICG in conjunction with a visualization system, like IC-FlowTM Imaging System, results in reduced failure rates, reduced healthcare costs, and overall better outcomes for patients4,5,6.

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