To describe the choroidal variations in posterior microphthalmos (PM). Four eyes of two patients diagnosed as PM based on the characteristic clinical features were included. Multimodal retinal imaging with clinical fundus documentation using ultrawide field fundus camera, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) was done for these cases.

Results: Multimodal imaging of these cases confirmed the variations in the choroid in PM cases. In both cases, on OCT, the retina and choroid were thick. retinal papillomacular fold (RPMF) was noted in all four eyes. On ICGA, the dye transit time from the arm to choroid and retina were within normal limits. Choroidal vasculature in the far retinal periphery was reduced and was noted as hypocyanescent areas anterior to the equator while the density of choroidal vessels was significantly more posterior to the equator. Vortex veins were not visualised in both cases.

Conclusion: Choroidal structure and vessels undergo alterations in PM. Further validation of these findings is required in a larger cohort of PM cases.

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