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About Us

The Diagnostic Green company is the
leading provider of trusted high quality fluorescence
products for physicians worldwide.

Experts in fluorescence imaging, our product lines include the leading Indocyanine Green (ICG) pharmaceutical product used by physicians to visualize fluorescence and guide surgical procedures along with the CE approved IC-Flow™ Imaging System, a compact and easy to use handheld camera that visualizes and records tissue fluorescence.

Diagnostic Green focuses on consistently providing superior quality products to our customers and is the trusted provider of fluorescence products and technologies worldwide, with over 30 years of research on fluorescence diagnostic pharmaceutical products.

Company Vision

Diagnostic Green was established to provide high quality fluorescence diagnostic products to physicians. 
Our vision is to ensure that fluorescence imaging becomes the standard in tissue visualization worldwide to help improve clinical outcomes, minimize procedure complications 
and thereby reduce overall healthcare costs.. 

We aspire to achieve global leadership in the manufacture and distribution of the ICG Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Products with guaranteed availability of high quality products – anytime, anywhere.

  1. 1991

    Acquisition of product registration file for the ICG pharmaceutical product in Germany

  2. 2001

    Launch of handheld imaging system in major European territories

  3. 2003-2005

    ICG pharmaceutical product approval in key European territories including UK, Germany

  4. 2007

    Approval of Indocyanine Green for Injection, USP in the USA under NDC 70100-424-01

  5. 2015

    Renew Group Private Ltd acquire both Diagnostic Green GmbH, and Diagnostic Green LLC (Ohio, USA)

  6. 2016

    IC-Flow™ Imaging System receives CE mark

    VERDYE, new product name for ICG in certain other territories

  7. 2019

    Expanding market reach for ICG pharmaceutical product worldwide

    Diagnostic Green’s ICG pharmaceutical product now available in over 25 territories worldwide including US, Europe, South America and SE Asia

Diagnostic Green’s core values
serve as a foundation for the way we conduct business with our distributors, customers and physicians.

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Diagnostic GreenExecutive Team

Through our international team based in the USA, Ireland and Germany and a network of distributors worldwide, we work tirelessly to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our products have been developed and manufactured to the highest regulatory standards and with our well-established and extensive logistic network, we can ensure that physicians have a reliable and consistent supply of the highest quality product line of fluorescence products worldwide.