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Fluorescence Imaging Camera Systems

IC-Flow™ Imaging System is a small, compact and easy to use
handheld device that visualizes and records tissue fluorescence.

There are a variety of camera systems approved and on the market that are used in conjunction with Indocyanine Green (ICG) dye. The IC-Flow™ Imaging System is for use in open procedures.

Richard Wolf – System green with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform

System green from Richard Wolf with their ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform is their endoscopic platform for the visualization of visceral perfusion for real-time ICG/NIR fluorescence imaging.  The camera platform is used for the following indications in various medical disciplines: Endoscopic operations, visualisation of the visceral blood flow and lymph node mapping. The platform is used for fluorescence cholangiography, especially in laparoscopy.


Karl Storz – IMAGE1 S®  Rubina®

Based on the IMAGE1 S®  modular camera platform the RUBINA®  technology combines 3D and 4K with laserfree NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging to support surgeons’ work by supplying high quality information. The technology also offers new visualization modes and further useful features for daily routine.


The SynergyID Endoscopic Imaging System is
indicated for use in CE territories to provide real time endoscopic visible and near-infrared fluorescence imaging.


Amnotec  – VEQTRON® ICG/NIR imaging system

VEQTRON Imaging System offers four different display modes without any loss of image:

Standard White Light Mode 3-CMOS white light image which is used for all standard minimally invasive surgeries.

Standard Fluorescence Mode High-quality fluorescence image for detection of ICG.

ISO Fluorescence Mode Fluorescence and white light image merging for intensity tracking of ICG direction of flow.

Multi-Display Mode where white light, fluorescence green, ISO fluorescence and NIR black-white are displayed at the same time with the option to choose a mode on the main display.