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Frequently Asked Questions
IC-Flow Imaging System

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions about IC-Flow Imaging System and it’s use with Indocyanine Green, ICG
in Fluorescence Guided Surgery
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IC-Flow™ Imaging System, is Diagnostic Green’s CE approved imaging camera. It is a small, compact and easy to use handheld device used to visualise and record tissue fluorescence. The IC-Flow™ Imaging System is a medical infrared camera for viewing fluorescent images of ICG dye in the patient’s body.
Yes, in March 2016 the IC-Flow™ Imaging System received its CE mark approval as a Medical Device Class I.
The intended use is as an imaging system, used in capturing and viewing fluorescent images for the visual assessment of blood flow as an adjunctive method for the evaluation of tissue perfusion, and related tissue-transfer circulation in tissue and free flaps used in plastic, micro-reconstructive surgery, and organ transplant procedures. The device is used by surgeons or trained health care professionals within a doctor’s office environment and in hospital settings.

The IC-Flow™ Imaging System provides for the visualisation of the distribution and intensity of a fluorescent dye, Indocyanine Green (Verdye, ICG) in human tissue.

Indocyanine Green, ICG is reconstituted and injected. Through the use of the IC-Flow™ Imaging System, a near-infrared light is exhibited. The LED light source excites the Indocyanine Green, ICG molecules in the tissue and the Indocyanine Green ICG emits fluorescence.

The fluorescent light of ICG is detected by the camera filters and images or videos are displayed on a monitor and/or touch screen.

ICG pharmaceutical product visulization

The technical specifications are included in the table below and further information is available in the IC-Flow™ Imaging System brochure, if you would like to download the full brochure at our Resources Page Resources Pagee
Images/ DisplayDisplay of fluorescence image on monitor and touchscreen
Internal memoryInternal memory of 800 MB (100 min videos/ 1000 images) Transfer to USB stick
Video formatMPEG1
Picture formatJPEG
Field size of view640 x 480 pixel
Focus/ zoom Work distanceManual/No Approx. 15-20 cm
Light sourceLED
FunctionsVideo & image recording Data transfer to USB stick
The IC-Flow™ Imaging System is very easy and uncomplicated to set up. Simply follow the instructions below and within a few minutes the imaging system will be ready to use.
  • Switch on the device
  • Pre-adjust camera settings using the onscreen prompt
  • Prepare an injection of Indocyanine Green, ICG Pharmaceutical Product as described in the prescribing information leaflet. Details at Diagnostic Green Verdye Product Information.
  • Adjust the ambient light
  • Adjust camera settings
  • Administer ICG injection to the patient
  • Undertake the florescence procedure
  • Transfer data to USB stick
There are many benefits of using and IC-Flow™ Imaging System, these include:
  • Fast boot-up time, less than 25 seconds
  • Large memory with easy transfer of data to USB
  • Flexible configurations to meet specialty needs
  • Portable Compact Trolley & OR System available
  • Portable Handheld System with integrated monitor
  • Safe use with the benefit of LED rather than laser light source
  • Maintenance free
  • Simple and easy to use with minimal training required
There are three options available for the IC-Flow™ Imaging System.
  • The IC-Flow™ Handheld Imaging System
  • The IC-Flow™ Compact Trolley System
  • The IC-Flow™ Cart System
  • The benefits of the IC-Flow™ Handheld Imaging System are:
    • It’s compact and portable,
    • It has an integrated display
    • It is easy to use
    • It easily transfers data to USB stick
    • And no additional equipment is required
    The benefits of the IC-Flow™ Compact Trolley System in include:
    • It’s compact and portable,
    • It’s convenient and portable
    • It is easy to use
    • It has a flexible configuration available with or without monitor
    IC-Flow-Technical-Features The benefits of the IC-Flow™ Cart System in include:
    • It is a portable operating room system
    • It is an integrated system with monitor
    • It has an external USB for official recording of patient data
    • It has an extendable arm to hold camera for the surgeon’s convenience

    There are further details of the IC-Flow™ Imaging system at the dedicated webpage on the Diagnostic Green site IC Flow Webpage
    You can also download the IC-Flow™ Imaging System brochure Resources Page

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