An interesting piece from European Medical Journal (EMJ) on ICG adoption.  In the piece it quoted  Dr Oded Zmora, UC Health Primary Care, Ohio, USA, who asks: “What’s the financial toll of an anastomotic leak?” A study by Dr Sang Lee et al. quoted in the piece analysed the economic burden of colorectal anastomotic leaks in almost 240,000 patients undergoing colorectal surgery. “Patients with a leak incurred costs $30,760 USD greater than those without, as well as an average hospital stay of 12 days longer. The patients with leaks also had higher rates of readmission, reoperation, and reduction in quality of life. As ICG use has been shown to reduce anastomotic leak rates, the technology could make surgery much safer for patients, as well as the added benefit of proving more cost-effective in the long term”.

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