Iatrogenic injuries to the circumflex coronary artery during mitral valve surgery are probably underestimated (reported rates of 0.3% to 1.8%). This complication arises from the artery’s close proximity to the mitral annulus, particularly at the anterolateral commissure. The study aimed to assess this risk in a patient group prone to such injury.

The surgical procedure utilized a minimally invasive approach and indocyanine green based fluorescence imaging. This technique allows a real-time visualization of the circumflex artery, aiding precise placement of annular sutures and minimizing the risk of injury. The method, applied in six patients, integrates preoperative assessments with intraoperative fluorescence imaging, ensuring accurate arterial depiction and preventing iatrogenic damage.

The study highlights the safety and efficacy of fluorescence imaging, especially in identifying vessel anomalies, indicating potential applications in various cardiac procedures.


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