Indocyanine green fluorescence angiography (ICG-FA) has been used in colorectal surgery to assess anastomotic perfusion and reduce the risks of anastomotic leaks. The main objective of this paper is to review the data on the transanal application of ICG-FA for the intraluminal assessment of colorectal anastomosis.

Methods: A literature search was conducted for articles published between 2011 and 2021 using PubMed and Cochrane databases, related to the application of ICG for the intraluminal assessment of colorectal anastomosis. Original scientific manuscripts, review articles, meta-analyses, and case reports were considered eligible.

Results: A total of 305 studies have been identified. After abstract screening for duplicates, 285 articles remained. Six articles remained for the final analysis. The intraluminal assessment of colorectal anastomosis with ICG-FA is feasible, safe, and may reduce the incidence of leaks.

Conclusion: The intraluminal assessment of anastomotic perfusion via ICG-FA may be a promising novel application of ICG technology. More data is needed to support this application further to reduce leak rates after colorectal surgery, and future randomized clinical trials are awaited.

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