This  study  was  designed  to  demonstrate  the  predictive  ability  of quantitative  indocyanine  green fluorescence angiography for the delayed graft function after kidney transplantation. The study of 128 kidney  transplant  recipients identified  the  parameter ICG  Ingress  as  a  predictor of  delayed  graft function with sensitivity of 78.3% and specificity of 80.8%. This  prospective  diagnostic study,  conducted in  two German  transplantation centres  from November  2015  to  October  2018,  included  128  consecutive  kidney  transplantations.   Intraoperative  assessment of  the  allograft micro perfusion  was  performed  by near-infrared fluorescence  angiography  with  ICG;  a  software  was  used  for  quantitative  analysis. 

Conclusion Fluorescence  angiography  with  ICG  allows  intraoperative  quantitative  assessment  of micro perfusion during kidney transplantation. The parameter ICG Ingress reflects recipient and procedure characteristics and is able to predict the incidence of DGF.

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